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10 Tips!




Inspiration, Motivation, Yes!








You CAN have motivation!

You can do it!"









"Love Your


"The Imp" Journal provides a clear focus and simple 
activities for one week at a time.

The small steps you take each week add up to 
one giant leap
in less than 6 months.

In The Imp Journal you'll find:

Inspiration! tools for 

  • developing an increasingly magnetic personality, 
  • discovering rich inner resources,
  • thinking more positively and creatively.

Motivation! Empowering you to 

  • develop skills and increase confidence,
  • act with greater self-understanding,
  • make new friends.

Passion! Become open to the possibilities for

  • living more fully now,
  • providing motivation for creating 
    the life you want,
  • realizing your dreams.

What's more...

It provides inspiration for:

  • Changing self-defeating behaviours 
  • Feeling more alive
  • Enjoying higher self-esteem
  • Valuing your uniqueness
  • Reducing stress

By the time you finish creating your Journal, you will:

  • feel empowered to take charge of your life
  • be charting an exciting fresh direction for yourself
  • possess effective action strategies for your future.

Read the Table of Contents.

This isn't just a book - it's an unlimited resource!

Here are the Bonuses you receive!

1. Membership in "The Imp Community" online

  • Expanded resources for the themes in the book -
    delve deeper into the areas that are most significant
    for you.
  • Opportunities to share ideas, comments, experiences
    and successes with other Imp Journalers.
  • Access to 'Play!' pages
  • Personal Coaching
  • Links to other personal empowerment resources.

2. "IMPressions", your mid-monthly newsletter
with resources and tools to support you on your journey of
personal empowerment:

  • Feature articles
  • Coaching Q&A
  • News, Success stories, Winners
  • A quote (your Inspirational Message to Ponder)

3. Five Whimsical Imp Doodle Posters to print.
(In the book the Imp encourages you to color the illustrations
and doodle in the margins!)

4. "Ten Tips to Put You on Top of the World"

  • Experience more joy, aliveness and fun!
  • Discover great resources!
  • Look good, feel good.

Your input is IMPortant! Let us know what would provide
inspiration and motivation for you. What would you like to
see included in both the newsletter and your member pages?
Your input provides us with motivation to meet your needs!
As this community develops, you will be provided with many
additional resources for your personal empowerment.

Order risk-free! 100 % return policy: copies bought online may be returned anytime within one year for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling) if, for any reason, you are not satisfied.


Imagine holding in your hands your own very personal
Inspiration Manual of Possibilities:
"The Imp" Journal: Guided Journal Writing for Personal
Empowerment, Volume 1.

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"Become the best you the world has ever known."
You have Incredible Magnificent Potential.
Believe it!

Warmly, "The Imp and I", Beverley

P.S. Remember, step by step The Imp Journal provides
inspiration, motivation and practical strategies
to take you on a transformational journey
of personal empowerment!

P.P.S. Remember there are 4 great bonuses included. Bonuses
that continue to provide you with inspiration month after

P.P.P.S. 100 % return policy: copies bought online may be returned
anytime within one year for a full refund (excluding shipping and
handling) if, for any reason, you are not satisfied.

Order your Imp Journal now here.


You are worth it!


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